Somer Nicole Physical Therapy and Yoga


Ever want to experience more deeply the connection between your emotions and your physical body? Want to learn how to align your Self and breathe optimally to change your mood? Want to know how to influence your nervous system to decrease stress, tension and pain in the body? Do you suffer from old injuries or have chronic pain? Headaches? Back pain? Want to refine your yoga practice? 

When you come to see me, you will experience a practice of non-traditional Physical Therapy with the integration of CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Reiki and Yoga. Treatments are given under the belief that the body is always working toward healing and that every person's system is filled with an inner knowing of what the body needs to heal. 

Some areas that we can discuss and integrate into your treatments include the mind-body connection, energy systems in the body, the fascial system, yoga and meditation. There is a fascinating connection between emotional stress and physical pain. You can learn to identify and clear old patterns in the mind and body, which can change your life.

The purpose of your session is facilitation on your path to healing. There are so many factors involved in ones healing process, it is sometimes hard to know what path to choose. If you are reading this, it's likely I can offer you some form of assistance. This may be through any of the modalities mentioned above or referring you to someone that would compliment our sessions or someone who better fit your needs. I look forward to working with you and assisting you on your path.

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